Be mine in this short amount of time

Find some quality last minute valentines day gift ideas.


Katelyn Hellmann

Valentines day gifts can be fast, easy and fun to make, especially when it’s for that special someone. “The best part of Valentine’s day is getting gifts for my friends and making them look pretty,”Junior Rhianna Ruzza says

Katelyn Hellmann, Staff Writer

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and it came fast; with everything going on right now, nobody blames a significant other for waiting last minute and not knowing what to get.

If the relationship’s simple, then finding a gift will be simple too. Framing a cute picture togethers super affordable and fast. One way to spice it up involves printing out a few pictures, taping or gluing them together and cutting them into a heart to put on a wall or desk. This is super thoughtful, easy and fast.

Speaking of fast, a teddy bear is a classic and simple option for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. To make it special, put initials onto the paw or go to build a bear and make it say something special. Another stuffed animal option that’s more manly includes getting their favorite animal or favorite sport team’s plushy.

Going along with another sport team option, get a wood cut out of the significant other’s favorite sports teams logo, that’s found at Micheals, Target or Johanns. After, glue pictures of the two together on it or write a message to fill up the wood, almost like a card.

Cards are very sentimental or goofy; either way a handmade card shows that one took time and effort to put it together. To spice it up, put a gift card, necklace or some inside jokes to show how special someone is to you.

Making someone feel special could be by making a valentine’s day themed basket. The best part, everything can be found at just one store without having to be too creative. All that’s needed consist of a red basket, the valentine’s favorite candy and snacks, paper grass, a stuffed animal and a card. Another possible item to put in the basket includes flowers.

One final idea is making a playlist that both people know. That way when in the car or having a dance party, both people know and love the songs. Then when the valentines aren’t together, they think of each other when listening to the playlist.