Spread cheer, not Covid-19

Celebrate the holidays safely by adapting plans

Often a time of spreading joy and cheer, winter holidays bring a plethora of family gatherings; however, this year, family gatherings potentially bring cases of Covid-19 to unexposed and at-risk parties.

If a family chooses to abstain from gathering in large groups and close quarters, there are many holiday-themed activities they can participate in to liven up the season that lessen the chances of spreading and contracting Covid-19.

Holiday Baking

Even if made by an inexperienced creator, creating delicious treats is an enjoyable activity with the added benefit of being left with something to snack on during the holiday season. For amateur bakers or those with younger siblings, assembling a pre-packaged gingerbread house or freezing peppermint bark promotes creativity while keeping participants away from a stovetop or oven burning both treats and hands. For those with more experience or with someone there to assist, Christmas cookies, pumpkin pie or pecan pie results in crowd-pleasing dishes testing a baker’s kitchen skills. If planning to deliver treats to friends and family outside of the household, remember to wear a mask and frequently wash hands and surfaces while baking.


A staple of the holiday season, Christmas lights, along with other festive decorations, adorn houses and businesses. Looking at light displays around town may already be a tradition for some; but if it isn’t, implementing it this holiday season is a perfect way to follow safety guidelines during a holiday activity. Groups may choose to attend light displays, such as the Rochester Light Showheld in an open air environment where guests wear masks and socially distance. Taking a drive around subdivisions with household members to see decorated houses is also an option for light-seeing.

Acts of Kindness

This year was difficult for many families since many lost their jobs or family members due to Covid-19. If a family has been fortunate enough to avoid tragedy, giving back to the community is a great way to spread good fortune and better someone’s holiday. Look for local Adopt-A-Family programs and keep an eye out for GoFundMe’s on social media that raise money for a good cause. Even small actslike checking in on a friend, complimenting a stranger or paying for the coffee of the next person in linecan make all the difference.

Open-air Markets

Searching for a unique Christmas gift at a chain retail store seems impossible, but open-air craft markets and local businesses present one-of-a-kind items with the added bonus of supporting small businesses. Search for holiday markets held in nearby parks or outdoor venues where it’s easier to socially distance while browsing booths. Around the holidays, stands often range from selling Christmas decorations, to small fashion boutiques and even antique collections, which provides gift options for the whole family.

Movie Night

Being stuck inside the house during the holidays may feel a little depressing; but on chilly, snowy nights, curl up in a soft blanket with a hot chocolate to watch a movie. On otherwise uneventful nights, gather friends or family members to watch a favorite holiday movie with sweet treats to snack on. Make the evening even more special by wearing matching pajamas or doing a Secret Santa gift exchange.

Though this season may not be as exciting as expected, going out of the way to spread cheer and participate in holiday activities makes this season the most wonderful time of this unusual year.