Tattoos together by LAUV

Makenna Sloat, Business manager

The looks of the artist LAUV and his song “Tattoos Together” are polar opposites to the way the song is composed.

“Tattoos Together” suggests a pop song, but most won’t consider this song pop. The singing is another discussion than the sound, but it is electronically written, which is hard to listen to. There isn’t one authentic sound in the entire song—not even his voice. 

If the audience didn’t know the sound of the artist, the way he presents himself makes people believe it’s rap. The strong presence on the album cover and the way it’s presented completely disrupts his sound. The music exudes such a monotone sound it’s hard to differentiate the song from the chorus.

His singing is low and quiet, which with the low sounding tempo makes it a chore to understand the lyrics. The lyrics are very bland and boring; it’s horribly basic making it seem like a song already heard. 

The music video is equally disappointing. Nothing about the video popped; not paying attention during this video is probably common. The production is very dull and the message doesn’t come through if there even is one. The entire production just  seems like a mess with a high budget. There are a lot of extras and different sets with little-to-no story meaning. 

The pop genre by itself is thriving. But this new below average artist isn’t needed to bring it down. This song is rated one out of five stars.