Joseph: King of Dreams

Makenna Sloat , Business manager

Most Catholic holidays are clouded by childish things like Santa and the Easter bunny; people forget what the holidays are really about, Christ.

Movies are a fantastic family activity; finding a good Christian movie appropriate for kids is hard. Animated kids movies are far from perfect, but this uplifting film will amaze and inspire anyone who watches. Joseph: King of Dreams beautifully told one of the classic Bible stories and brought it into vivid color. The movie brilliantly pictures Joseph and how he is different from his 12 older brothers and how he’s his father’s favorite.

The story starts with the birth of a new son Joseph, as he gets older his life will change in a way no one expected. Joseph one night has a dream given to him by God about 12 stars bowing to him, which signifies his brothers. When the brothers learn of Joseph’s dream and his new coat of colors they become jealous. The 12 brothers decide to kill Joseph by throwing him down a dry well. After the brothers decide Joseph’s fate, the oldest spots two merchants and pleads with his siblings to spare Joseph, so the brothers decide to sell Joseph as a slave.

To cover up their wrong doing, they tell their family that an animal attacked Joseph and brought his bloody ripped coat as “proof.”

Joseph walked all the way to Egypt as a slave to the merchants. When he arrived, he was too weak to work as a slave, so instead he was sold as a servant to the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh’s daughter fell in love with Joseph, while Joseph became the new Pharaoh of Egypt.

Soon after Joseph has a dream sent by God showing years of prosperity for Egypt he and years of dry famine. Joseph starts to save extra grain for the years of famine. When the years finally arrive all of Egypt was prepared and Joseph was celebrated.

The movie is very well put together, the structure of the movie is very fluid and it is easy to differentiate characters. The animation style is beyond what’s expected from a Bible movie, but the color and atmosphere pull you in, which creates the immersion most movies aspire to have.

Joseph: King of dreams is a story of morals, told through Joseph’s life. Sending a meaningful lesson, this story teaches the power of forgiveness. It bring the characters to life so much you find yourself almost in the movie. This inspirational movie is the perfect movie for all ages, moms; dads’ and the whole family will be astonished by this vibrant piece of art.