Achatz Burgers Review

James Kearney, Online writer

Out of all the great small restaurants in Shelby Township Achatz Burgers, located at Hall and Romeo Plank, Macomb, is one of the best.


Their burgers don’t disappoint; they come in four sizes mini, small, medium and large. The sizes are distinguished by the number of patties on the burger; mini has one, small has two, medium has three and large has four. The burgers are cooked perfectly and their buns are small but high quality. They also have specialty burgers: the Achatz special and the Achatz supreme. These burgers come with a secret sauce which is top notch.


The burgers are tasty, but the real draw of Achatz is their specialty fries. They offer many different, high quality flavors. A standout flavor is the brown butter fries, which are thin, crispy fries doused in butter. Other delectable flavors include garlic Parmesan and cajun fries.


Another highlight would be their shakes and malts. They are creamy, smooth and delicious, their flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and the flavor of the month. The flavor of the month is usually high quality and it’s a welcoming change from the other basic flavors. They also have homemade mac and cheese, which is a little basic but still tasty.


Along with the food, they offer an outstanding atmosphere but not so great service. Achatz is decorated with old memorabilia, such as a motorcycle and comic books. The restaurant is set up like an old school diner and it gives the restaurant a great feel. However, the biggest problem with Achatz is their service. When going for the first time, the customer is greeted by a not so friendly reception from the cashier, who came off as rude. The wait for food is also long considering the usual time it takes to make a burger. Despite these issues Achatz is easily one of the best burger places in town.


Overall, Achatz Burgers has delicious food with a couple of minor problems with the service. I would definitely recommend for the quality of the food alone.