Barn review

Kendall Westgate, Editor-in-Chief

When it comes to owning a horse, the horse’s best interest always come first when choosing a barn to board at.

CR Boarding

CR Boarding is a quiet barn with lots of turn-out opportunities which horses enjoy.

CR Boarding, located in Washington Township at 30 Mile Road and Mound, is a small boarding barn which offers lots of opportunities. The turn-out, how long a horse is outside, is by far the best part. The horses are usually outside from 8 a.m.6 p.m. Also, if your horse prefers the outside, they offer 24 hour turn-out, as opposed to putting the horse in a stall at night.

At CR boarding, there are many places to ride which include: a large indoor arena and two outdoor arenas. Along with the arenas, there are plenty of trails to travel on.

The safety aspect to this barn offers an outstanding advantage as well. Since the barn is on a dirt road, if a horse gets loose, there is less chance for them to be hit by a car. Gary Robb, the barn owner, also lives on property; which means someone regularly checks on the horses.

The price of board will vary depending on if the horse is stabled or living outdoors. There is also the option to work off the price of board by doing barn chores.

Overall, CR Boarding is a great barn that offers tons of turn-out horses will enjoy.

Hox Acres

If you are looking for a barn with more structure, try taking a look at Hox Acres.

Hox Acres is an amazing barn located in Washington Township at 30 Mile Road and Mound. The horses are fed and their stalls are cleaned out at the same time every day.  There are four barns throughout the property where your horse’s stall may be located.

Although the barn offers great structure, there is limited turn-out. On the weekdays, horses are turned out from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Horses are not turned out on the weekends by the staff, but owners can come and turn their horses out if needed.

Along with trails to ride on, Hox Acres offers two indoor arenas and two outdoor arenas. Included is a field outside where most jumps are set up. Due to the amount of arenas and great services, the price for board is $450, but extra if you want more turn-out than included.

Hox Acres is definitely worth checking out due to the amount of structure and arenas they offer.

Big R Farms

Big R farms is a great barn for people of all ages and offers a family-like environment.

Located in Ray Township at 28 Mile Road and Romeo Plank, the barn manager, Kristy Hosking, takes impeccable care of the horses. The horses always come first to her. She offers an astounding training program for people of all ages. For unlimited lessons, the cost is $130 a month.

Horses are turned out from 8 a.m.4 p.m. The barn offers stalls with run-outs, an extension to the stall outside, which are usually closed for winter months. The exceptional barn staff works all day making sure the horses obtain the best care.

This is a 60 stall barn with a huge indoor arena and two outdoor arenas. There are about four hay fields to go on trail rides. Along with the arenas, tons of colorful jumps offers an opportunity to practice outside of horse shows.

The cost of board is typically $390, unless your horse is in a run-out stall. There is also an option to work off some board by doing barn chores, such as turn-in, turn-out and cleaning stalls.

Big R is an amazing, family-friendly barn which is definitely worth a try with the opportunities offered.