Springtime sadness

Kylee Zook, Staff Writer

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     The grass is getting greener, the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping, it’s spring time.

     Spring is the season of rebirth, it’s hopeful and magical. Yet, getting behind it seems impossible.

     Knowing science has already proven that winter is the worst season of the year due to the unbarring coldness, how hard it is to go places when there’s six inches of snow on the ground and the horrible hail/snow storms, anyone should still take all of that over spring.

     Between the rain, ice and snow melting, it makes it very damp and sticky outside to where it’s uncomfortable. Next to that, spring gives you the expectation of it being warm, then right when morning comes and can finally wear a cute long sleeved shirt or a light pull-over, it decides to go back down to 30 degrees. That’s not that bad though, what’s horrible is thinking, “oh I can get used to this” and putting on a heavier jacket, then it decides to go back up to 80 degrees.

     It’s understandable that since Michigan is in the Midwest, the normal temperatures are rather inconsistent between any given two days, yet spring has always felt the most inconsistent out of all the seasons.

     It’s very arguable that winter is not better than spring, to most people. Agreeing would be easy if spring wasn’t so bipolar. Winter is committed to being as cold as ever and even when it’s not, it’s nice to say, “hey! It’s nice outside today” or “we’re getting a warmish day!” Summer days are mostly hot but sometimes surprise everyone with a chilly day once in a while to where it’s refreshing. Now, for fall, the best season, everyone’s expecting it to get windier and colder out so when it’s a comfortable temperature outside, it’s a nice surprise.

     By the time spring rolls around, everyone’s trying to get away from the winter weather. The only thing that makes spring exciting is that it’s only a few months closer to the best three months of my life, summer break.

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