Movie review on Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary”

Madison DeMasse, Social Media/Editor

The “sematary” was awoken at all theatres on April 5 with the question arising; is it dead or alive?

“Pet Sematary” is based off of the horror novel by Stephen King about the Creed family who move to a woodsy area in Maine from Boston. The Creed’s quickly learn when their cat, Church dies, something is not right and there is mystery in the woods behind their home.

In the movie, when Church dies, it returns to life but not as the same cat. Things get out of hand when a tragedy happens in the family and the father, Doctor Louis Creed, thinks he can fix the unknown reality of death. However, everything goes terribly wrong.

“Pet Sematary” was already made in 1989. The remake is as cheesy as the original. Although some love it, this time around, the cheesiness doesn’t go far in this generation. The movie had a classic story line where nothing surprising happened.

Personally, the movie wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. There should’ve been more of a twist to it with a more advanced plot and less pop-outs. The movie wasn’t the best but everyone should see it for themselves. Overall, “Pet Sematary” earns a 3/5.