Vacation essentials not to forget!


Anna Lipert

Ava Dal Pra, Staff Writer

With the stress of finishing packing, people tend to forget the most vital Items and most times don’t realize their missing until they’re on vacation.

When packing for vacations, the focus shifts to buying new clothing rather than focusing on the basic necessities. According to travel agent Gloria Davis, people tend to forget their socks, sunglasses, toothbrush, sunscreen and the most important item if traveling out of the country, their passport.

“You should make sure to bring sunglasses and a blanket. If you’re going to sleep on the plane, bring toiletries, a phone charger and headphones,” sophomore Mary Kotsonis said.

Planning ahead of time and starting things sooner is something that people tend to forget about and overlook.

“Pack your clothes a couple days before leaving for the trip, so you can focus on the more important stuff. Also, bring travel size items to save space in your suitcase and to make it less heavy,” sophomore Teresa Shallal said.

Before packing, make a list of all items needed and items left to buy. Creating lists saves time and thinking. On the contrary, not making lists often results in forgetting necessary items.

“I make sticky notes and set alarms on my phone,” sophomore Mary Kotsonis said. “It helps me remember things and to be on time.”