Homecoming: a night to remember

Makenna Sloat, Staff Writer

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A time to come together as a school, a chance to talk to your crush, an opportunity to dress up and dance the night away.

Homecoming is a great way to make friends and meet new people. Social interaction can lower stress and anxiety levels and even improve overall physical health, according to Newport Academy. Don’t stress out about that hair appointment that fell through or that stain on the shirt’s collar—we’re all here to enjoy ourselves and come together.

Not everything about homecoming must be expensive or new. Homecoming is a tradition, so find the perfect dress or suit and make the night remarkable—even if it means taking your favorite outfit out from hiding and giving it a new life. That said, homecoming is a great chance to pamper yourself with a new haircut or even a pair of new shoes. Bottom line, there are plenty of ways to style hair at home and use filters to make pictures appear professional.

Homecoming is a night to make memories that will last forever, because high school doesn’t. It’s about the experience and the joy of spending time with friends or a date. If students aren’t involved in high school they won’t have a chance to reminisce and tell stories about homecoming later on.

Any event seems better with friends, because there’s people to socialize and spend time with; however, going by yourself is still fun. Making new memories is what high school is all about, so before you judge homecoming give it a try.

Sure, homecoming is loud and the DJ doesn’t always play the right music, but it doesn’t mean missing out on a high school milestone is worth it. With a good attitude and a great group of friends, it can be a blast for everyone.


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