Veach paints “Up” mural


Every year to commemorate the seniors who graduate out of the choir classes, choir director Julia Holt devotes an area wall space to a themed senior wall.

Before school ended for the seniors, they had the opportunity to submit designs for the wall, and a vote was held.

The winning design was Disney’s Up themed, drawn by Michaela Veach.

“I’m so happy my design was chosen. I worked really hard to be creative with it and I’m glad the other seniors liked it and thought it was creative too,” Veach said.

Veach painted the wall the week before she graduated, with help from a couple of her friends.

“I’m proud of how it turned out,” Veach said. “It really stands out against the other murals in the room. But what’s best is that it really reflects this class, because after graduation, we’re going to start our own adventures. Probably not like the adventure in Up, with flying houses and talking dogs, but adventures nonetheless.”