Promposals outshine prom

“If my boyfriend doesn’t ask me to prom in a big way, I’m not going with him.” It’s heard every year around the hallways of high schools across America.

Prom is a special night in any young persons’ life. It represents the end of the most important chapter in students’ lives thus far, but at what point did students let the “promposal” outshine prom itself?

A big ask is a special moment, but it is just that. A moment. It will be old news on instagram the next day. Prom gives you hundreds of pictures, throwback thursdays, transformation tuesdays and selfie sundays.

Prom is permanent, while promposals are passing.

Despite how it may seem, a promposal is not a proposal. There is no marriage. No til death do us part,’ just til the DJ stops spinning.

Eventually, there will come a time where all the promposal techniques become “been, there done that.” Originality may not be dead, but the original promposal is near extinct.

Getting the promposal is cool, but if it’s between that and going with who you truly want to go with, it can’t be much of a debate. Go with who you want, ask or no ask; have a great time, that is all that will be remembered.