Foreign Language Week teaches culture


Rebecca Wright

On Friday, all language classes play a trivia game against each other with facts they’ve learned all week. “Doing the trivia was the best part of the week because we got to show off what we learned in front of the other classes and teachers.” French 4 junior Alanis Bleakley said.


February 24-28 marks the annual foreign language week celebrated by the French, Spanish, German and Japanese students nationally.

Students start off the week by going to the ECC in their classes and listening to presentations from foreign exchange students that have come from all different countries.

“I love listening to the foreign exchange students presentations because every year I learn about the different countries and it makes me want to see them when i get older,” junior French student Abbi Yucha said.

The next few days classes do activities to get to know more about their languages’ cultures in the countries by having food days, more speaking opportunities and in class games.

“This is my first year celebrating foreign language week and its so fun,” sophomore Spanish student Bella Cvetnovski said. “I’ve already learned so much about many different countries cultures that I didn’t know before.”

At the end of the week the students challenge each other in a trivia game from what they learned all week long in the ECC.

“The trivia game is really fun because we learn and our class bonds at the same time,” junior German student Katie Preisler said. “This whole week really brings our classes together that you just don’t get in other class settings.”