Oh, how Charming!

The theater department takes their final bow


Junior Jillian Prall and senior Mackenzie Ludwig perform their parts of the Snow White portion of the show in front of their elementary school audience. “My favorite part about the show is the friends I’ve made in the class and the time we spend together,” Prall said. “I’ve made tons of new friends through this show and having the opportunity to do this with my friends has been the absolute highlight of my year.”

Lauren Schwarz, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Hosted after the spring musical, Ike’s theater department hosts one last performance for the school year, ‘Ridiculously Ever After.”

“Theater is a great experience, joining it was probably the best choice I ever made. There are so many great people I have become friends with and become a lot closer with because of the show we’re working on,” junior Jillian Prall said.

Instead of presenting one large story, each of the three available theater hours had the opportunity to work together as a class to portray different fairy tale retellings. Each story follows the tales of Snow White, Prince Charming and 3 evil queens, each one having their own special spin on the story.

“I really like the character I play in Charming; I have a thing for playing old grouchy characters,” junior Gabrielle Carnes said. “I get to put baby powder in my hair and get makeup on that makes me look super old.”

Students participating in the show originally auditioned in February, before the production of the spring musical ended. Even though the individual shows aren’t extremely long, each class has been working hard to bring their fairy tale plays to life.

“I feel like we’ve been working on our show for such a long time,” Carnes said. “I’m excited to finally present it on stage in front of everybody.”

The department even took their shows outside of Ike walls, performing at many UCS elementary schools on Friday 28. 

“I would say my favorite part of this whole production is probably just getting more comfortable on stage because I’m a much more introverted person,” junior Vivian Pogzgay said. “I think being forced out to act, especially in front of the elementary schools, and be on stage with people has really helped me be more confident and get out of my shell.”

The show is available for students to see on Friday 12 at 7 P.M. The show will feature all three of the fairy tale acts. Tickets can be purchased online at showtix4u.com or can be bought one hour before curtain call.

“Out of everything it’s going to be funny to see a bunch of your peers up on stage acting out some of the more comical parts of the script,” Pogzgay said. “I think it’s going to be a really fun thing to watch, I recommend everyone come to try and see it if they can.”