Homemade pizza Vs. Little Caesars pizza

Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready battles it out with homemade pizza


Hot N’ Ready- The homemade pizza slowly cooks in the oven. In comparison to the Little Cesar’s Hot N’ Ready, the homemade pizza came out on top.

Daniel Momirovski, Staff Writer

Pizza is a very popular dish worldwide; it’s no shocker that people have their own favorite places to buy pizza from. While some prefer homemade food, others may prefer to buy pizza from mainstream fast-food places to grab and go.

Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready pizzas are inexpensive and tasty. The cost for one of these pizzas is $6 for a large cheese and pepperoni pizza. The Hot-N-Ready is a very quick pizza to get if you’re in a rush. The transaction for the pizza takes only around 5 minutes with minimal traffic inside. To prepare the dough for the homemade pizza, it takes 48 hours and then another 20 minutes to cook the pizza. The price is around $12. Although it’s more costly and time-consuming, making pizza at home could be more fulfilling and tasty.  

The Hot-N-Ready ingredients consist of handcrafted dough, grated mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and pizza sauce. This provides consistency throughout the pizza. The homemade pizza has small blocks of mozzarella cheese, store bought dough, pepperoni and pizza sauce. It is less consistent throughout with some areas with a lot of cheese and other areas with little cheese. Both of the pizzas are round but the Hot-N-Ready is bigger in size with larger slices.

The Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready pizza is cut into 8 pieces. On the other hand, the homemade pizza got cut into 4 equal pieces. The Hot-N-Ready is very cheesy, salty and the sauce is just right. The cheese melted well and is consistent throughout. The crust is dry and the pizza is greasy which is messy when touching something after. After a few bites the sauce from the pizza is left all over one’s mouth. Overall, it is very delicious. Although the pizza is filling, to add more taste, one can dip the pizza in ranch.

Although the homemade pizza is smaller in size, the taste sure packs a punch. The pizza’s sauce is way more overpowering than the Hot-N-Ready, combined with the cheese and pepperoni, it tastes even better. Not everything is perfect, when picked up by the crust, the toppings and cheese has the potential to get  sloppy. The pepperoni and cheese sometimes fall off since the bottom is thin and weak. Unlike the Hot-N-Ready, the pizza isn’t too greasy and the sauce doesn’t get all over after a few bites.

Both pizzas deserve credit where credit is due. They’re both awesome pizzas and taste amazing. The only way to find out how amazing these pizzas are is to try them.