Double agent Spisak

Steven Spisak finds the Ike community easy to adjust to after transitioning to teaching thanks to the welcoming staff and students


Steven Spisak has the best of both worlds through making history on the field, on the diamond and in the classroom. 

“I’ve been coaching Ike varsity baseball for five seasons and started teaching history for only a year now. All my kids on the field and in the class are fantastic,” Spisak said.

Spisak made the move from coaching junior varsity baseball at Shelby and Malow for 20 years to teaching. However, he still continues to coach varsity baseball here. Spisak has carried great qualities from coaching baseball to his transition as a teacher. Two of these are to always keep a good attitude and strive to be better. 

“I loved to learn history while I was still in school, it was my favorite subject. It just stood out to me more than the others,” he said.

Having old students and players made the move from a junior high level of teaching to a high school level easy. Many of his old students and players ended up being in his classes. Since he moved from a junior high level of teaching, already having a connection with his past students helped a lot.

“He’s a lot of fun. He wants to make sure that everybody has fun out there. He tries to do what’s best for our team for sure. But, he also wants to make sure he does what’s best for everyone as an individual too,” senior baseball player Lukas Zahuranic said.

Spisak’s players and students appreciate the hard work he puts in. He wants them to achieve more. Spisak is a coach and a mentor to his players, he coaches to help better themselves as athletes and helps guide his players’ futures by helping them get into colleges and do well in baseball. Spisak’s colleagues also made his teaching experience better. 

“Ever since day one of teaching here at Ike, it has just been amazing. I felt right at home,” Spisak said. 

Despite teaching at school for such a little amount of time, Spisak has been welcomed with open arms from his colleagues and students alike.