Student council rounds up mechanical bull for students.


On November 3rd, Senior Isabella Demaj rode a mechanical bull that the student council brought in for all lunch hours. Demaj lasted 15 seconds before being swung off onto the inflatable barrier. “It was a lot of fun,” Demaj said. “I was super nervous before doing it but once I finished I wanted to go on again.”

During COVID-19, the student council couldn’t host events regularly. As the school year starts they take steps to return to normalcy.  

“This year we’ve been trying to bring things back to normal, so students are only now experiencing all the fun things we can do for them,” Senior student council member Peyton Werner said.

During quarantine, students attended school online, which kept them from seeing all student council had to offer. Now that we are back in person, the club has been making up for lost time. For example, on November 3 student council brought in a mechanical bull during all lunch hours for students to try. This was in correlation for the spirit week day country vs country club being held.

“Being a part of that was cool,” Senior Isabella Demaj said. “A lot of people didn’t do it last year but now there was a big line for it. It was a big change.”

Student council is just getting started. They are now getting ready for their annual telethon. The fundraiser, Toys for Tots, held in December is where students work together to donate to those who can’t afford to buy gifts for their family. Another way is each class meets a $30 minimum in order to watch Home Alone in the PAC (Performing Arts Center). This will be through the first two periods of the day to bring the school together.

“It’s during Christmas time and that’s one of our biggest events of the year,” Werner said. “It’s super fun and the students really enjoy it.”