Starbucks’ Refresher menu review

Provides the perfect drinks to get into the feel of summertime


After hearing about the popular Pink Drink and Dragon Drink trend through Tiktok, junior Raiha Khan and her siblings take a visit to Starbucks. “I just found my new go-to drink,” brother Zohair Khan said. “And it’s definitely the Pink one.” Her siblings were in favor of both drinks and planned to try them again, and soon.

Raiha Khan, Staff Writer

Most popularly known as the Starbucks’ Pink Drink and Dragon Drink from Tik Tok, the fruity, vibrant beverages offer instant delight to your senses and give a hint of that sweet, tropical feeling of the season ahead.

To start, the Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk, AKA Pink Drink, comes in a pastel pink color with strawberry chunks inside, resembling strawberry milk, but without the dairy (made from coconut milk). There’s a bunch of ice in it too, which adds to the extra cooling and refreshing charm of the drink emitting beachy vibes. To say the least, the fruity beverage’s strawberry aroma is not subtle. The vibrant flavors almost jump out making a tester tempted to try, truly adding to the craving. Taking that first sip unleashed an explosion of flavors that for some, may be overwhelming. The taste was not quite strawberry, but sweeter, although not in a way where you would be asking for water. Though the first couple sips felt strange, it soon became addicting.  Not only that, but the refresher is 140 calories and made only with coconut milk, one scoop of strawberry and tea so it’s quite healthy. Whether the girly look, the totally Instagram worthy appearance, or the wonderfully rich flavor of strawberries and coconut, the Starbucks Tik Tok trending drink serves as a reminder that Summer is right around the corner. 

Second, was the Dragon Drink. According to the Starbucks website, this drink is 130 calories, made with healthy ingredients such as coconut milk, with one scoop of the actual dragon fruit and tea. The magenta Ombre hue in purple tones as well as dragon fruit swirling at the top compels the tester to take a picture. In contrast to the simple pastel pink the previous drink had to offer, the Dragon Fruit drink gave off a more bold look and a rich, strong smell of citrus. A little overbearing, but adds to the anticipation nonetheless. In regards to taste, the best way to describe it would be medicine, the unpleasant prune kind. Personally, the Magenta beverage was overwhelming in flavors, which many may like, it’s all up to what suits your palate. 

Both the Pink Drink and the Dragon Fruit do the job of serving as a cool refresher. Both due to their fruity taste and coolness: the perfect combination to end a long school year. Even though the Pink Drink tastes better, personally, because of the cute pastel pink appearance and perfect ratio of coconut milk and strawberry, the dragon fruit also gives the vibe of summer. From personal opinion, The dragonfruit simply unleashed the awful memory of purple medicine, but the magenta, lavender, dragon fruit presentation combo is admirable.

The only concerns pertain to the amount of ice put in each drink. Ordering a grande, which is supposed to be 16 oz., it felt like while sipping on the drink, it finished way faster than it should have, but ultimately both tropical beverages served their purpose; to refresh.

Overall, Starbucks Dragon Fruit Drink earns three and a half out of five and the Starbucks Pink Drink earns five out of five.