Harry in the House

Review on Harry Styles’s latest album, ‘Harry’s House’


Harry Styles poses for his long-awaited album cover.

Music for everywhere, including a sushi restaurant. 

On May 20th, Harry Styles Released his highly anticipated album, ‘Harry’s House’, and people who haven’t already listened are wondering, is it worth a listen?

Starting with the first song on the album, “Music For a Sushi Restaurant”, this song presents a funky but fun 80s disco type production. This song requires a specific taste so it might not be a favorite for some, but this song is one to blast at any time. As a whole, the song gets a solid 7/10.

Next seems to be a fan favorite, and for good reason. “Late Night Talking” has a mellow but fun beat with very catchy lyrics. This one is a great song to dance in the mirror to. This song gets a 10/10, highly recommended. 

Coming third on the album is the critically underrated “Grapejuice”. This one is a little slower but shows the range of Syles’s vocals. “Grapejuice” is a good slow groove song. The song gets a 6/10.

Fourth on the album is the very popular “As It Was”. This song was released before the rest of the album and gained traction quickly. This song can be interpreted in many ways, which gives every listener a chance to connect to it. “As It Was” also has a happy beat to dance to. “As It Was” gets an 8/10.

Grooving in at fifth on the album is “Daylight”. This song has an 80s love song element while also having some modern undertones. This song has something for everyone and gets a 9/10.

Coming in slowly in the number six spot is “Little Freak”. This song was anticipated to be a cynical-sounding song but is the complete opposite. “Little Freak” seems to be about an unofficial relationship, which many can relate to. This monotone but deep song gets a 9/10.

Track seven is the emotional “Matilda”. “Matilda” is interpreted to be about someone living in a toxic household with a toxic family and this story of a song is told beautifully. Styles’ intricate lyrics and amazing vocals on the song get a 10/10.

Bringing the mood back up at number eight is “Cinema”. This song is about admiring someone and has yet again another funky disco beat to it and caters to those with a more 80s indie taste. This funky love song earns a 9/10.

Floating in as the ninth track on the album is “Daydreaming”. Styles’ vocals on this song give an angelic tone that goes very well with the fun beat. “Daydreaming” is another fun love song and gets an 8/10.

Bringing a monotone mood at the tenth spot is “Keep Driving”. This song is almost a cool-down from all the emotions ‘Harry’s House’ brings but still manages to bring out smiles. “Keep Driving” has lyrics and a beat that feels like a hug and gets a 6/10.

Coming in unexpectedly at the eleventh spot is “Satellite”. This song starts slow but picks up after an earth-shattering beat drop. At first, it might not be the average person’s cup of tea but after a few listens it quickly grows very enjoyable. Being one of the best songs on the album “Satellite” gets a 10/10. 

Next is the highly anticipated “Boyfriends.” Styles teased this song at Coachella and fans instantly became obsessed. “Boyfriends” is seemingly about an abusive relationship that someone constantly goes back to because it’s all they know. This sad but calm song gets a 9/10.

Last but certainly not least is the beautifully produced and written “Love Of My Life.” This song portrays the feeling of finally straying from your comfort zone or relationship and finding happiness in yourself. With a beat you can bop your head to but a deeper meaning “Love Of My Life” is the perfect ending to this emotional rollercoaster of an album and gets a 10/10.

Overall, ‘Harry’s House’ is an incredibly well-produced, written, and sung album. With a perfect contrast of emotional and fun songs, overall, this album gets a 10/10 and is definitely worth a listen.