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Reviewing quality of different facial masks

Some facial masks can be refreshing and super cool, but others can be dried out and non-refreshing, reviewing these different masks will be giving a true rating of their quality.

The first mask that was reviewed was the Neon Vibes Clay mask. The packaging is very colorful and it says “no stress and oil absorption”. It was chunky and dried out when it was opened it.  When it was applied, it burned and didn’t feel right. Although the packaging looked very fun, the inside was much the opposite. The rating of this mask would be a 3/10.

The next mask was the pore care “I’m Red Wine” mask sheet from Tonymoly. This one was one of the best ones. It smelt like grapes and the texture of the mask was perfect. Overall smooth and felt really good on the skin.  It was very unique and something that I would definitely buy again. The rating on this is  a 9/10.

The last mask that was reviewed was Renewing Bio Cellulose Gel mask from Burt’s Bees. The texture of this mask was much like cardboard or paper. It wasn’t comfortable on the skin, it smelt like rubbing alcohol which made me not want to put it on the skin. The packaging looked promising, but after it was used, wouldn’t recommend it. The rating on this would be a 4/10.