Opening night

Jimmy John’s field opens May 20


Jimmy Johns is now open to the public to watch baseball from teams within the USPBL, which stands for United Shore Professional Baseball League. The field has food, drinks and merchandise available to purchase within the gates.

The time has come. Jimmy John’s field opens on Friday, May 20.

“I’m excited to spend time with friends and family at a baseball game,” said senior Noah Jeffries. “Like getting some good ice cream and a hot dog, and maybe all the songs are the great times at the game that make it an overall great experience.”

The baseball game opponents are Utica Unicorns against the Eastside Diamond Hoppers. 

The gates to enter open at 6:00 PM and the game starts at 7:05 PM.

Tickets are available to purchase at the front gate or online at

For ticket sales, front row costs $35, platinum club is $20, infield seats are $15, backstop seats are $12 and lawn seats are $6 with the exception of children three and younger; they can enter without cost.

The rules are: no bringing or leaving with alcohol, lawn chairs are not allowed, and when entering the gates, the person has to agree to the terms and conditions that come on the back of the tickets. 

At the game, food, beverages and merchandise will be available to purchase.

“Having another field where you can play football or whiffle ball is going to be a great time,” said senior Carson Nowak.

After the game, Jimmy John’s will have a firework show for everyone to watch and enjoy before heading off. 

“I’m excited to actually go there for the first time because I’ve never been there and I’ve been wanting to,” said senior Brendan Doan. “So I’m excited that maybe this year I’ll go to a game for once.”