Life is too short


Elysia Asmaro, Staff Writer

Having a job that is enjoyable and motivational is better for mental health because when people have a job that they hate, it could increase stress and other unhealthy things.

If people walk into work everyday and dislike their job, they may not try or have any motivation to be proficient and slack. If someone doesn’t have motivation, the effort will slack and be reflected on their pay.

On the other hand, if someone loves their job, they would have more energy to get up everyday and try their hardest. Even if the job doesn’t pay much, at least it’s bearable. A suggestion to get out of a bad job, putting in a two-week notice to leave. 

When people have a job they love, it causes less stress and promotes better health. A stressful or intense day at work can cause many complications like headaches, heart problems and more serious conditions according to Courtney Clark from 

People at a job they hate are easily irritated as they would rather not be there. Carrying around strong feelings of resentment for one’s job can create negative energy, which flows into other parts of life. When agitated it affects the way people treat others.