Kicking Carbs

Trying low carb treats to see if they deserve the hype.


HighKey mini cookies go head-to-head with Quest Soft and Chewy Cookies.

Kenzie Brinkmann, Online Reporter

Recently, low carb sweets seem to be everywhere, but are they any good? 

Low carb diets have become more of a common thing to hear about, and brands have begun to advertise to their ‘low-carb’ and diabetic clientele. Now to answer the question, these snacks are surprisingly good.

The most popular snacks that came up when searching for “low-carb snacks” were HighKey mini cookies and Quest Soft and Chewy Cookies. After trying both of these low-carb cookies, there’s definitely a reason they’re so popular. 

First up, and in first place with a 10/10, were the HighKey mini cookies. With a total of 12 carbs per a seven-cookie serving, these cookies tasted almost identical to the infamous Chips Ahoy cookies, but healthier. 

These HighKey cookies are a great substitute treat for those who are trying a low carb diet, or those who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Sticking to a low carb diet can be difficult but treats like HighKey mini cookies, can make it more manageable. 

The second snack and coming in with a 7/10, is Quest Soft and Chewy Cookies. Coming in with a slightly higher 19 carbs per cookie, these cookies are single serving, large cookies and come in a pack of four. These cookies would definitely be a hit for the “soft-cookie” lovers, but to others they aren’t anything special. 

Quest Soft and Chewy Cookies are also a good substitute treat for a low-carb lifestyle, but these cookies unfortunately do have that chemical fake sugar taste. Most diet-type foods do have a fake sugar taste so for those who are used to it or don’t mind it, these cookies are a great option. 

Although both of these low carb alternatives have a good taste, overall, the HighKey mini cookies took the gold. For those who are on or are looking to start a low carb diet, these cookies are definitely worth a try.