Finish line is near

Students should stay motivated to finish out the school year strong


A planner is a great tool to use to manage plans, homework assignments and important events. When the brain goes on pilot mode, this tool comes into play to assist and stay on the right track.

Students should stay motivated to finish the school year strong to have a stress-free summer.

Counting down the days until the last day of school is the best feeling ever. Students have put in countless hours on homework assignments on top of waking up early five days of the week, every week. After spring break through the last day of school is the easiest time to zone out, but the most crucial time to finish out the school year strong. 

Organization plays a big role in being successful in school. When the days are winding down it’s easier to not care or not have the same determination as the start of the school year, therefore, it’s easier for the mind to be scattered. 

According to, when spaces are organized there is reduced stress and overwhelming factors to look at. Organization can also establish a positive work environment which will make the brain establish productivity in that place or in this case, school. 

Finding time for yourself is also crucial to maintain a healthy mindset. An easy way to reset the mind is to go on a walk.  Even a short walk will provide mental and physical benefits. Walking or any form of physical activity is a common way to reduce stress because of the endorphins released, according to 

It is easy to get caught up in thoughts about summer, warmer days, not caring about final grades. For seniors it’s easy to think of the rest of the year as a time to blow off because colleges mostly look at junior grades. However, the way students finish out the year still impacts final grades because seniors have to take final exams. 

Teachers, especially those who teach seniors can find struggles when teaching because seniors develop senioritis. Seniors get out of school earlier than tenth and eleventh graders which makes their time at school after spring break shorter. Seniors are losing their attention quicker than the rest of the school because they are anxious to graduate, get out, and move on.

This is the most crucial time for juniors to keep their head in the game because this is when they take their SAT and get ready to start applying for colleges. If juniors get back from spring break and aren’t focused, it may cause their grades to slip and cause their GPA to drop from ill performance on final exams.

Students are getting burnt out by the end of the year so it is hard to stay determined and motivated. No matter how hard it seems to get to the end, there are ways to make the final stretch of school easier to get through. Ending the school year with good grades makes students feel accomplished and makes for a stress free summer ahead.