Kura Sushi review

A must-see restaurant to check out


The revolving sushi bar can be seen from the outside of the building, easily interesting customers. This Kura sushi location opened in February 2021, making it the first location in Michigan. Despite being open for over a year, the waiting room stays packed, no matter the day of the week.

Lauren Schwarz, Editor

As the number of school days dwindle and slowly get warmer, students deserve a new, innovative place to hang out.

Kura sushi is located in Troy, MI, one of the two locations in the state. The location itself is in a nice area and the majority of it was built in the last few years.

Their current hours are Sunday-Thursday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM and Friday & Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM. These flexible hours would make Kura a convenient place to hang out with friends or family over lunch or dinner.

Upon wanting to dine at Kura sushi, it is recommended to get a spot on the waiting list one to two hours in advance. They currently do not take reservations and the wait line, during any day of the week, can be long and overbearing. 

The restaurant has their own app- Kura Sushi- to help with this process, offering rewards, coupons and a virtual sign up where you can reserve a spot on the waitlist ahead of time.

Once inside, one look at the revolving conveyor belt instantly makes up for the wait and creates a yearning hunger. 

You can choose to sit up right at the sushi bar and watch the chefs make your meals or sit at a table, offering a more secluded dining experience. The restaurant has a kiosk at each seat, offering the ability to begin ordering right away. The waitstaff are available to assist if needed.

Additionally, if looking to order a sort of drink, they are brought out to the table by a small yellow robot instead of a staff member. As soon as the drink is taken, it will go back to its resting spot.

Customers can begin grabbing fresh sushi off of the conveyor belt right away or choose to order them from the kiosk; the plate getting personally delivered to the table on another conveyor belt.

The restaurant features pages of potential options, such as Nigiri, Gunkan, Ramen and more. All of the dishes are freshly made in the restaurant and contain real fish ingredients, something many other sushi places don’t offer.

Dish prices range anywhere from $3.20-$6.00 depending on what is taken from the conveyor or ordered. There is about two to four pieces of sushi per plate.

If you finish up to 15 plates, they even allow customers to receive a small prize. Prizes consist of a rubber bookmark, sticky note, or a temporary tattoo. While the notion is most likely to appeal towards younger children, it’s still fun to reach the goal.

Overall, Kura sushi is a new and exciting hotspot to visit over the summer. The atmosphere and decoration is friendly to all ages and provides a new experience for sushi connoisseurs and newcomers alike.