Girls’ soccer kicks off quickly

Varsity girls raced to bond before their season crept up, and it paid off.


After a nail-biting game, varsity soccer girls rush their teammates to celebrate the big win.

The Ike varsity girls’ soccer team prepares to kick grass all season long. 

With tryouts and the roster complete, the girls played their first scrimmage after one practice. This quick start pushed the team’s newest additions to learn in a short time period. 

“It’s really fun jumping right into it, but I think it’s hard for the new players because they have to learn the chemistry of the team really fast,” junior returner Grace Dejong said. 

On March 21, the girls travelled to Rochester Adams High School to scrimmage the Colts. The final score ended with a score of 1-1. 

“Our new players are fitting in really well with the team. We’ve got a lot of traditions we do to welcome the newcomers, which were a ton of fun,” junior captain Amy Sidaway said.  

The girls do team builder activities to ensure a strong bond. The night before every game, the team has a pasta dinner, and they often have team sleepovers. 

“The girls are very welcoming, all the girls get along very well and I feel like I fit in immediately and the whole team has really good chemistry on and off the field,” sophomore Natalie Vernon said. 

In previous years, the team had 25 athletes, but this year the team has only 18. A smaller team may seem like a disadvantage, but this team views it as the opposite.

“Although we have a lot less subs, I feel like it’s making us a better team all around,” Sidaway said. 

This bond already shows on and off the field.

“Overall, I’m looking forward to a fun and competitive season as a great team.” Sidaway concluded.