Skincare for self-care

Face masks offer an at-home spa day


If looking for a way to de-stress and clear skin at the same time, multiple skincare masks can cater to those needs. Whether a clay mask which tightened skin whilst simultaneously clearing it, from experience, or a charcoal sheet mask, although not serving a distinct outcome but easily caused relaxation upon application, it proved self-care has no limits.

As a break from the usual day to day fabric face masks, unlimited skin care options are available to unwind and relax.

Aztec Secret Healing Mask

Equal parts clay powder from the commodity, raw apple cider vinegar or water forms a thick, greenish fluid paste. The recipe is simple to execute. The reek of apple cider vinegar was hard to ignore, but the mindset of “bear it now and shine later” helped throughout the process.
After two minutes, it tightens skin. People might say it hurts, while others may claim the pain means it’s working. After 20 minutes of the lengthy and strenuous process, it takes up to 10 minutes of continuous rinsing with warm water to fully remove.
As for the results, the clay skincare essential did the job to minimize pores and improve skin condition by the next day. This item is not for relaxation, but for skin results, which makes it a go-to for anyone seeking a stronger mask. Due to its noticeable effects and variety of uses, the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay earns a rating of three and a half out of five face masks.

“The Ordinary” red face mask

Also called the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution, the red face mask holds a price point of $8. The skincare product yielded results, but introduced a stinging pain, which felt like the treated skin was on fire. It washed off with lukewarm water fairly easily.
The burning product gives testers a good run for their money. It clears blemishes like the packaging assures– more so than other masks. Overall, this product earns four and three quarters out of five face masks.

Charcoal sheet mask

Taking the mask out of the package, it feels slimy and cool (instructions say to store sheet masks in the freezer), giving the sense it would feel ticklish when applied to the face. Set a timer and leave on for 20 minutes.
The skin glow is noticeable, showing it was hydrated. The purpose of the mask was for pore care. Though not completely cured after one use, the mask makes the nose feel smooth with no noticeable lumps or bumps.
Face washing isn’t necessary with the sheet mask as keeping it on allows for full effect and maximum absorption. The Tonymoly Charcoal face mask earns a four and a half out of five face masks.

LED face mask

This skincare product uses UV light to clear acne and brighten skin, but not without feeling uncomfortable. The package includes a white plastic mask and a controller that handles light intensity. The colors are almost blinding, but the effects are most noticeable.
The LED face mask can be ordered from and costs $82. With its drastic changes, the slight uncomfortably and keeping the price in mind, this skincare essential rates a three and a half out of five face masks.
Out of the face masks tried out, “The Ordinary” red face mask wins. Although there is a high-risk of chemical burn, the outcome made the face feel fresh, like the old layer of skin was removed. The runner-up, the LED face mask serves the same benefits; but with a price point of $82, the illuminating mask is on the expensive side.
Overall, there is a variety of skincare products to choose from. Stores like Ulta and Target offer everything from electronically powered face masks to ingredients for homemade products. This makes it easy for consumers to find products that work for their skin type or budget.