Rivals to Teammates

Utica and Eisenhower high schools boys lacrosse team merges


The Utica and Eisenhower players are celebrating their second win of the season against Anchor Bay High School. “It was a good game,” said senior defensive pole and midfielder Jacob Razook. “We’ve got a good group of guys and I’d say the merging is doing us very well.” The lacrosse team still has a long season ahead of them.

Evis Hernandez, Staff Writer

For the first time, Eisenhower and Utica boys lacrosse teams merged into one team for this upcoming season.

 “I am excited to see the new talent we get for the team. I think with the new additions it will benefit us,” Razook said.

The two high schools have been distinguished as rival schools, but the merger was put in place to help the team increase their numbers. Utica’s lacrosse season was canceled the past two years due to Covid and lack of players. Boys lacrosse coach Ryan Swiatkowski previously coached Eisenhower lacrosse and will now coach the dual team. 

“Our coach does a good job for us,” Razook said. “With him coaching us and the new additions to the team I think we can make a far run in the playoffs”.

As of March 2022, the team is set to consist of six boys from Utica and 24 from Ike. 

“The new guys are cool. They bring new ideas and help us Utica guys develop our game better,” said Utica senior defensive pole Matthew Monty. ”I feel confidently enough that if we start getting it going early we will be in the playoffs for sure and I think the season will go well.”