Cabana Blue Review

New restaurant to visit this summer


Cabana Blue Lakefront Sports Bar, opened in late 2021, which makes it the first summer open to the boat community. More excitement comes as boaters will get to drive up and dock their boats for easy access to the restaurant.

Daniella Danko, Staff Writer

 Get pumped for hot days, no school and free time; with summer around the corner there is time to try new places and go on new adventures.

Cabana Blue Lakefront Sports Bar is located in Clay Township, about 30 minutes away from Macomb township. As stated in the name, this restaurant is on the lakefront of Bouvier Bay on Lake St. Clair. The location of this new restaurant makes it a small getaway to visit all year round.

Spring is here which means boats can be put in the water in the next few weeks. Boating season creates uplifted spirits and good times for boaters, which is exactly what this restaurant’s atmosphere offers. Live music is played during the week and sports games are displayed on the TV’s. 

This place appeals to the eye from afar as it is on four acres of land and painted a tropical water blue color. The glass-window garage doors open in the summer to let in a warm breeze in and a wrap-around porch for outdoor seating, which will be beneficial for the summer crowd.

Cabana Blue is a decent size, but not huge, so depending on what time dine-in is decided, there could be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour’s wait. Waits also differ due to seasons, time of day and how many of the drive-up boat docks are filled. 

The staff members are kind, compassionate and knowledgeable about the menu items. Bartenders make a wide assortment of tropical drinks whether it be for adults or non-alcoholic for kids. The owners plan to expand the rest of the plot to make it more interactive for the boating community. 

The menu had a wide variety of sports bar food and desserts, which were excellent and reasonably priced. No holiday is missed here, food and drink specials are served that are festive to any holiday or event. From BBQ chicken flatbreads to fish tacos, they have it all.

Winter hours consist of Monday-Saturday, 11am-9pm and Sunday 11am-8pm. Summer hours are to be determined.

This restaurant is a nine out of ten-star rating and a new favorite. It’s great for a Friday night out or a casual Saturday afternoon.