Vacation pointers

Safety tips to keep in mind while on vacation

Olivia Donato and Gabby Gjonaj

Never walk alone- It is dangerous to be alone no matter where you are. Walking with a buddy lowers the risk of human-trafficking, according to Archangel Protection Services. 

Drink responsibly- For students 18+ traveling to countries where they are the legal drinking age, it is important to drink responsibly. This includes only accepting drinks directly from the bartender, covering your drinks, limiting drink consumption and only drinking when being supervised and in a safe environment.

Watch out for scammers- Scams often happen in high tourist areas. This includes being overcharged for basic items such as sunscreen and sunglasses. Some places will charge you a fee for basic services without any notice. It is important to know that nothing is free when traveling. 

Tip workers- It is important to tip workers that help you to show your appreciation. Workers will typically make 5-10 US dollars a day which is why tips are so important, according to Trip Advisor.

Dress codes- Resorts have casual-elegant dress codes. Visitors will be asked to leave a restaurant if not dressed properly. According to Sea Lodge, boys must wear dress pants, nice shirts and closed-toe shoes. Girls are to wear dresses, skirts, or dress pants.

In case of an emergency- In case you lose or misplace your license, passport, medical insurance, etc. be sure to have copies to avoid any commotion. Also, be sure to know the emergency hotlines if you’re in a foreign country.