Eagles turn red

Students share embarrassing stories

Olivia Donato and Gabriella Gjonaj, Staff Writers

“During silent reading, this kid behind me poked my stomach really hard and I farted out loud. I tried blaming it on the kid who poked me, but that didn’t work.” Marko Spasovski ‘22
“At homecoming, there were puddles of sweat almost everywhere. I was walking around and I wiped out and fell flat on my back and my dress went over my head.”
“I was going to use the bathroom and I had cheap Shein pants on. The drawstring was knotted and I couldn’t untie it in time, so I peed all over myself.”
Vito Pellecchia ’23
“In third grade, I was walking back to my seat because I was in the bathroom changing out of underwear I peed in and I dropped my wet underwear in the middle of the classroom.” Evan Shallow ’22
“I had to run a lap for cheer practice and I tripped on my shoelace in front of the varsity football and soccer teams. That caused my phone to crack.” Jenna Michalski ‘22
“At lunch, someone at the table behind me threw a red slushy at my yellow shirt and I was stuck with that red stain for the rest of the day.” Riley Dupke ’22
“When I was walking to the bathroom, I tripped in front of the whole lunchroom. I thought I was only on the floor for a second, but my friends told me I blacked out.” Alexandra Gjokaj ‘22