Battle of the seasons


Elysia Asmaro, Staff Writer

Summer is a very fun and uplifting season while winter is boring and tiring.

Reasons why summer can be fun is that people can go without worrying about how cold the weather is. Usually during winter people have to wear layers upon layers of clothing. The weather in summer is usually always 70 degrees or higher and you don’t need to worry about covering up. 

Also, there is no school which means more time to have fun. Usually school is stressful for most students and it is hard to find time to have fun on a school day. 

On the other hand, winter can be fun, playing in the snow, staying inside, watching movies, or even reading a book. However, people tend to get bored quickly and wish for summer to come sooner. 

Summer can make people more active as well, as they may have more motivation to do things instead of staying inside all day. “What you get as a result of this increased production of melatonin in the winter, which  makes you feel sleepier, and even sadder. In the summer however you see an increased production in serotonin, which in term, makes you feel happier and more alert.” Anthony Bouchard from lab roots.

In the summer grilling outdoors is common. People prefer grilling rather than soup and baked foods eaten during winter. 

 Overall the food, activities, clothing, money, school, and the mood all are better in the summer than they are any other time of the year.