Trip Tricks

Travel tips and tricks to save money and be safe during the upcoming spring break


Rohani Khan

Travel discounts. Good travel discounts and deals can be hard to come by, so check out tips to save money.

Rohani Khan, Staff Writer

In August 2020, student  burnout was at 40%; in April 2021 it rose to 71%, according to a survey conducted by chief wellness officer Bernadette Melyk.  As spring break nears, going on a vacation is a necessity for students, however a tight budget may prevent most teens from traveling; these tips could come in handy for students who want to travel without the expense.     

For those who plan to travel by air, tickets are cheapest on Tuesday at 3 p.m., six weeks before a flight, according to flight attendant and Ticktocker AtheneSaves.  Hopper is a helpful tool that compares flights from different airlines and notifies the user of the best days to purchase, which is a must when traveling, according to money saving influencer SarahFinance.  

Furthermore, is a useful website to use when flight hunting. It searches for the best deals for tickets in the market, the only expense that needs to be paid is time . With discounted flights there are often lay-overs which may lengthen one’s trip, however the money saved is worth it. If lay-overs aren’t your style, purchasing an early bird or red-eye flight, which are usually discounted, is a good way to save money to

 “My family and I love traveling so my family always try to find the best deals,” junior Achsah John said, “it’s pretty hard to find good discounts especially for airplanes, so this will be really helpful.”

   Besides an inexpensive flight, a nice and affordable place to stay is important too.  Staying in a vacation rental is preferred, rather than a hotel, because prices are cheaper and at times negotiable. Although rental houses are a cheaper alternative to hotels, the experience is frequently better than 5 star hotels.     Airbnb is an app and website that lines up different rental properties ranging from as little as $35/day with a variety of amenities to make the most out of one’s trip. Make sure the host is trustworthy and the property has more than 60 reviews above 3.5 stars.

To avoid travel frustration, it’s important to stay organized with planning and tickets. Create a separate budget for road travel, food and shopping. Uber is a taxi service that is best for road travel because of its simplicity . The customer chooses a car to transport them to their destination and pay the fare from a mobile device prior to the trip. Prevent unnecessary stress after a flight, by ordering an Uber prior to the plane’s arrival. To avoid getting in a dangerous situation, match the license plate of the uber once it arrives to the information displayed on the app.

When planning to go to amusement parks, review any deals that can be useful. Many parks have discounts and packages depending on the number of people attending, which can be helpful for students traveling in groups. To access special offers and packages for a trip, flexibility is crucial.

      “These tips are really helpful,” junior Valeriya Mishael said, ”Hotels and buses are so overpriced and stressful for me especially when I’m somewhere I have never been and on a budget, so these life hacks are really cool.”