Jump funds to new heights

A SkyZone fundraiser takes place on Mar. 23 for the LCCE prom


Special Education Teacher Renee Berish organizes a fundraiser at SkyZone for the LCCE program’s prom. “You should go to the fundraiser just to make our students feel special and feel accepted,” Berish said. She planned the event for Wednesday, Mar. 23.

Danielle M Carlisi, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The LCCE program plans a prom for their students every year, and every year, they need financial help for the special night students dream of.

“I love doing the prom because it makes the kids so happy and the parents love it too. It gives them a chance to get together with all their peers,” Special Education Teacher Renee Berish said.

To raise funds for the LCCE prom, a fundraiser takes place on Wednesday, Mar. 23 at SkyZone from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

“You should go to the fundraiser just to make our students feel special and feel accepted,” Berish said.

The money raised will go towards decorations, a photo booth and ticket prices. Everyone is welcome to attend the fundraiser, and tickets cost $14.99 per person. Socks are not included in the price.

The LCCE program has some funds saved, but they need more to make the prom special. This fundraiser is not only for Eisenhower’s LCCE program, but invitations are sent to neighboring schools for the event. With the help of Project Unify, Berish plans the event.

“I love planning the LCCE prom,” Berish said. “The kids really need socialization.”

To find out more about attending the fundraiser, email Renee Berish at [email protected].

“Everyone is welcome, so please come and bring your friends and your little brothers and sisters, neighbors and whoever else,” Berish said. “The more the merrier.”