Longer lunch benefits

Lunch times should be longer and will benefit the students


Trying to finish, senior Masen Leykauf eats fast to be back to class on time. “Longer lunches would benefit me so I can eat all my food in the period of time I have and can help me get some leftover homework done”. Other students dealt with this problem as they had to rush to eat.

Evis Hernandez, Staff Writer

Sitting down to eat, relax and study to catch up, but the bell rings and there is no time to catch up.

Longer lunches help students catch up with their homework; after all, students have other responsibilities outside of school including work, family and extracurricular activities like sports. Especially when the athletes travel to a different state for their game, they will not have time to do their homework if they are away.

“Students and teachers would all benefit from longer lunch times as they would have more time to eat, socialize and overall earn a break,” according to letters2president.org. The teachers would also be able to grade papers and make copies.

Most schools do hold homework help rooms they can attend during lunch so having longer lunches can benefit their grades and their academic success. The longer lunch periods will give students an opportunity to ask their teachers questions and get help on a topic they do not understand. During A and C lunch teacher Michelle Schuchard holds math help sessions.

Some students rely on buses to get home therefore cannot stay after school. 

The lines are so long when lunch starts that by the time they get their food, lunch will already be over and they may have to throw their food out or eat during class. 

Although extending lunches could cause students to be at school longer,  it would make school more enjoyable and less stressful because of less time constraints.

To make a change, students can go to their school board meetings and recommend the idea of making lunches longer.