Snack smart

Healthy foods to keep in store when hungry


Raiha Khan, Staff Writer

  1. Black seed oil. Known to almost “cure every disease except death” according to, this flowering plant is packed with antioxidants, containing cancer-fighting properties, can lower cholesterol, and aid in blood sugar regulation. By taking two of its capsules with water, it can fill a person’s stomach while also aiding in long-term health.
  2. Dark chocolate. With the capabilities to lower blood pressure, reduce heart disease risk, and protect one’s skin from the sun, according to, dark chocolate is a sweet treat one can turn to when craving a less healthier option like milk chocolate (although there’s nothing wrong with eating that too).
  3. Popcorn. The snack encompasses a decreased risk of multiple diseases, is high in fiber, and low in calories according to, so when someone is exhausted to cook a healthy dish, a bag of popcorn requires minimal effort to grab and munch on.
  4. Classic apple and peanut butter. Though most frequently mentioned to be a “healthy snack” its benefits prove it right. With the combination of peanut butter known to prevent the risk of diabetes and lower the risk of cancer according to, and apples which have prebiotic effects and promote good gut bacteria according to, the simple sweet treat is not one to ignore.
  5. Mixed nuts. For being a treat one can mindlessly snack on, the food includes many health and wellness benefits too. When it comes to lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and diabetes, according to, this snack attains them all.
  6. Greek yogurt and mixed berries. Greek yogurt incorporates health benefits pertaining to, improving bone health, filling up a person’s stomach due to its richness in protein, boost metabolism and improve gut health according to In addition, berries help to improve blood sugar and insulin levels, so a combination of both these elements provides for a simple, yet tasty snack.
  7. Hummus. The Middle-Eastern staple, is a mashed chickpea spread which adds not only flavor, but multiple nutritional benefits including, but not limited to, treating diabetes, anemia and inflammatory diseases according to Pair the spread with veggies and it makes for a savory and delicious spread.