Grocery shopping for a cause

An easy way to help one’s preferred organization raise money


Helping Hand. As a way to contribute towards local causes, the Kroger Rewards Program provides an avenue to do so by the simple task of purchasing one’s groceries. “I would encourage our families to participate because of its ease, it’s a great way to support our local community and students.” With the money raised towards Eisenhower, percentages of one’s Kroger purchase is used for tools and resources such as ELMO projectors to display content or funding each and every student’s Schoology pages.

A simple way to give back to the community is the Kroger Rewards Program, where shopping for groceries can simultaneously fund Eisenhower’s endeavors.

“This program is a great way for the community to identify an organization they would like to support, like Eisenhower High School, and do so just by shopping for weekly groceries,” Principal Jared McEvoy said, “Which is something we all need to do anyway.”

It applies to anyone interested in supporting their local community and it turns out Eisenhower is also part of the Kroger Rewards Program as well. For regular Kroger grocery shoppers, funding the school is as simple as swiping the Kroger Plus Card, which will then give a percentage of the payment towards Eisenhower. Not only that, but the card is applicable in any Kroger store nationwide and has no limit for usage.

 To register, visit Organizations including community churches, K9 Kitty Rescue, or A Beautiful Me, are examples of foundations included in the Rewards Program. 

After following this process, one will officially become part of the Kroger Community Rewards Programs and a percentage of their transactions will go towards Eisenhower if it is the person’s organization of choice. 

“I would encourage our families to participate because of its ease,” Mcevoy said. “And it’s a great way to support our local community and students.”

As a result of the program, Eisenhower receives a check from Kroger, which is then deposited to support the various activities which take place within the school. The materials consist of Elmo projectors which can better display content to students all the way to funding each and every student’s Schoology accounts.

“It’s nice because the program doesn’t put anyone out at all, it is an outcome of something we already do,” Mcevoy said. “Every little bit helps.”