Valentine’s Day Quiz

What should you do for Valentine’s Day?

Gabriella Gjonaj, Staff Writer

Finding Valentine’s Day plans during a pandemic and last minute can be difficult, but there are still options. The type of person you are can affect what you choose to do. Eating food with your Valentine is a go-to, but what you eat is up to you. Activities can vary, depending on your personality. Whether you enjoy going out or staying in, it won’t be boring if you put some thought to it. Many believe Valentine’s Day is meant for you and your significant other, but Valentine’s Day is whatever you choose to make it.

1. How will you dress for Valentine’s Day?
A. Fancy
B. Comfy
C. Trendy
D. Casual


2. Where will you eat for dinner?
A. Steakhouse or Italian restaurant
B. At home
C. Sports bar
D. Pizzeria


3. What word describes you best?
A. Materialistic
B. Simple
C. Laid back
D. Adventurous


4. What are you getting for dessert?
A. Cheesecake
B. Chocolate-covered strawberries
C. Ice cream
D. Brownies


5. What are you getting your date?
A. Jewelry
B. Something hand-made
C. Flowers and chocolate
D. Love letters


6. Who are you spending time with on Valentine’s Day?
A. Long-term significant other
B. Friends
C. Blind date or crush
D. Girlfriend or boyfriend