Social media wastes time

Students waste their after-school time being on social media


Time to go on social media, students’ favorite and longest time of the day. Junior Mackenzie Brinkmann, takes a small break from doing homework. The break turned into a really long one after an hour or two. “You go on your phone for 15 minutes, that was the plan and that turns to three hours,” Brinkmann said. “You have no time for anything else after that.”

Many people have the same routine daily, they get home from school, eat a snack, then get on their phone thinking they will only spend 20 minutes on it, before long it turns to three hours. 

On average, students spend 144 minutes or two hours and 24 minutes on social media daily, according to Average Time Spent Daily on Social Media (Latest 2022 Data).

Everybody gets homework, whether it is a lot or a few assignments each day; students usually have something they have to do after school. People have sports, jobs, activities, etc. and social media takes up the limited time they have to themselves to work on things, like homework. 

The whole world uses social media: “In 2021 some 3.8 billion people use social media.” When going on social media, it is addictive to waste hours just scrolling through random, non-beneficial videos. The videos of a random girl dancing or a prank on an elderly, these waste the time, which is needed for work to get done.

Young children and teens who use their phone and spend their precious time on it, use it with no benefits at all. No more than one in ten teens and tweens use their phone for good purposes such as: creating digital music, making digital art designs or even designing their own video games, which a lot of people enjoy but don’t do, according to Teens Spend More Than 7 Hours On Screens for Entertainment A Day. 

There are teens in this world who say social media is beneficial and a good way to spend time after school. Social media helps people strengthen their relationships and create new connections, it promotes better habits, and helps introverts connect in a safe environment, according to 5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Good for Us.

There are plenty of other things that students could do instead of being on social media for hours on end that could make them productive. If they need something to do that is beneficial they should read a book or watch tv. Social media is so addicting and not worth it.