Soccer stars onto bigger things

These soccer players have a lot in store for the future


Smiling for a picture, Senior Brenner Smith holds up his acceptance letters. “I’m still unsure where I want to go, but I’m excited for my college journey.” Smith is looking at all of his options for his education and will be deciding soon.

Two key players for Eisenhower soccer have wrapped up their highschool careers and plan for their futures.

“I don’t plan on playing soccer in college. I’m more just looking towards an academic future in college instead of sports,” senior defender Brenner Smith said. 

Smith has played all four years of highschool soccer and has loved the game his whole life, he said. However, he has other plans for his future. 

“I’ve kind of known for a long time that soccer wasn’t going to be a whole part of it forever. So it’s kind of expected for me to branch off of it,” Smith said. “So, I’m excited for what’s coming up.”

Smith still isn’t certain about which college he would like to attend. It’s still a work in progress, but he will have a bright future ahead of him.

“I don’t really have any plans right now,” Smith said. “I was looking at Michigan, Michigan State, Western Michigan and places like those.”

Senior, varsity captain and striker Gjon Melakuqi has opposite plans. With his season being cut short after elimination in the playoffs, he looks to pursue his soccer dream.

“I want to pursue soccer by any means, whether that’s going to college or finding another way to pursue it,” Melakuqi said. “I want to attend a college that has a good education and soccer program. Something that can fit me really well and make me feel like I’m at home. Which college is that exactly? I’m not too sure yet.”

Melakuqi is very blessed to have soccer in his life and has such a strong love for the game. His career has come with lots of highlights and lots of upsets, but those upsets drove him to be better and better each game he played.

“It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, I’ve had so many good memories during my career so far. It makes me look back and wish I could go back. Also I’ve had some bad moments. I’ve had setbacks and heartbreaks,” Melakuqi said.  

Melakuqi has worked out hard on his journey for his soccer career. He sacrificed a lot to get to where he is now and has a very bright future ahead.

“There have been moments where I would be in a dead sweat working so hard pushing myself to the limits that I’ve never pushed myself to, ” Melakuqi said. “After working so hard like that and to end up doubting myself at times it hurts, but those are the moments that can make or break you.”