Pre-order a yearbook today

Yearbook prices begin to rise


On Jostens website, you can find where to pre-order your own 2021-2022 yearbook

Social media comes and goes, but yearbooks last forever. However, the price is rising. 

Although social media plays a huge part of our daily lives, it might not be there in the future. A yearbook is a physical reminder of what was going on in that moment in time. 

“You might not want a yearbook now, but in five, 10 or 20 years from now, you’re probably going to want to look back at one and relive those memories,” publications adviser Erica Kincannon said. “Once the yearbooks sell out, that’s it. We can’t run to Kinkos to print more.”

The yearbook offer includes a personalized yearbook with name and four free icons at the starting price of $75. The deadline for this offer ends on Sept. 30 before the price increases and icons will need to be purchased additionally. Yearbooks are available to pre-order online at

“Getting a yearbook is a really great way to look back on what happened,” senior editor-in-chief Madailein Elton said, “and what you and your peers have achieved and experienced.”