New student section, new leader

Mirna becomes first student section leader after two years


Photo by: Ike football

Smiling at the camera, senior Mirna Hanna leads the student section at the Eisenhower football game. “I like to be in the front at every game. I’m also yelling most of the time so my voice is usually gone by the end of the night,” Hanna said. She likes to stand in the front for every game and has the energy to get the crowd going.

Ava Kaspari, Staff Writer

Involving herself in school for her last year of high school, senior Mirna Hanna becomes the student section leader at football games and plans new ideas for a memorable event.

“I felt very nervous becoming the student section leader because I wanted everything to be perfect and I wanted to please everyone,” Hanna said. 

Hanna wanted to become student section leader to further her school involvement and felt her energy could pump up the crowd at games. 

“I talked to my friends about it and since no one else had claimed the position, yet, I decided to,”  she said. “I told a bunch of people and I made an Instagram and Twitter account to spread the word.”

Hanna posts about the schedules, polls, reminders, themes and pictures of students cheering for the football team. 

“Running social media accounts is my favorite thing. I love posting all of the pictures from the games,” Hanna said. “I start the chants and pretty much get the crowd going and always come up with new ideas to bring to each game. I also made a banner to hang in front of the student section for home games.” 

Waving her “IKE” flag, Hanna stands in front of students at the games. Not only do students watch the football game, they also watch and listen to Hanna shout at and with the crowd.

“I think she’s good at cheering the team on throughout the entire game. I like to go along with the chants she makes up because she always makes it a lot of fun,” senior Sofia Berishaj said. “Mirna brought new ideas to the games, such as confetti and lots of posters. She always has great energy throughout the games and I think that gets everyone excited.”  


Students looking to participate in the weekly game themes can follow the Instagram @ikestudentsection22 and cheer on the team with Hanna during game time.