Stick it or ticket

Students without parking passes receive warning stickers on cars

Shea Hathcock, Digital Editor

Seniors Ria Patel, Lily Belisle and sophomore Katie Caruso stuck in parking lot trying to get warning sticker off their car.

Students who park in the school lots without a pass might find big orange stickers on their illegally parked vehicles, since stickering started this week.

“I have stickered in the past and yeah, it’s not fun,” Associate Principal Scott May said. “You know, it’d be nice if we go out and don’t have to sticker any; but unfortunately, people don’t follow the rules.”

In order to park in the lot, students must obtain a parking permit. If students illegally park, there are consequences. Students who collect multiple stickers will get called down to the office for a warning. Multiple offenses result in either a Saturday school or suspension.

“We peeled the sticker off too fast and left the white part behind,” senior Lily Belisle said, “so we were scraping with our nails and it made them chip.”

To prevent getting stickered, students need to buy a parking pass through the school website, There are about 550 parking spots, according to May, and most spots go to seniors with a select few juniors earning them.

“That would be primarily just for the ones who have perfect attendance and then we’ll go work our way down from there,” May said.

Also, If a senior has not purchased or applied to obtain a 2021-2022 parking pass, it is not too late. A few parking passes are held back for seniors who receive their license late, get their cars late or apply for a pass late.