Senior’s favorite high school memories

Ally Vohs, staff writer

“My favorite high school memory was homecoming junior year.  A group of friends and I rented a bus, had a dinner party, went to the school dance, and then went to an after party. Overall, this was a really fun and crazy night, something I will never forget.” Pietro Terzini

“One of my favorite memories from high school is being on the football team.” Correy Guerrero

“Being a part of wrestling. Wrestling has helped me so much with being stronger mentally and physically. Also making bonds with people on my team are unbreakable.” David VanDaele

“Playing football.” Michael Rossow

“My favorite memory of high school was getting to drive my friends to school.” Grace Mackinder

“My favorite memory in high school was during my sophomore year, there was a time when the fire alarm was pulled and we had to go all the way into Malow–this took about 30 mins to an hour. And after a bit it turned out to be someone that pulled the fire alarm as a joke from what I heard.” Tristan Grove

“My favorite high school memory was when we could hit a teacher in the face with a pie. I don’t remember exactly what it was for, but I believe it was for a charity and students got to hit a teacher with a pie or what I believe was basically a bowl of whipped cream. Even though I didn’t pie anyone specifically, it was really enjoyable seeing everyone have fun and I really enjoyed how thrilled everyone was. This was before Covid, and we were all piled over each other just watching teachers get hit in the face with pies. Everyone was cheering and having fun, and it seemed like the teachers had a good time too.” Gabriele Voi

“My favorite high school memory would have to be after sophomore year homecoming, when me and a few friends went over to our other friends house and all hung out and celebrated our friends birthday/homecoming.” Sydney Farenger

“I love singing in the Eisenhower choirs and being a part of the musicals every year.” Mary Kotsonis

“My favorite memory from senior year was going down to Florida on spring break with a group of friends. We had a great time in the sun meeting new people and getting a tan.” Benjamin Saunders

“Student council state conference was my favorite memory because I learned a lot about leadership, met some really cool people, and got to do it all with my closest friends.” Grace Lange

“My favorite high school memory was the lunch table conversations. We always had so much fun in the little time we had between classes.” Kendall Lind

“Setting up inflatables in the aux gym for Mr. Packan and then going on them with some friends for the hour.” Paul Mazzara 

“Sophomore year hoco night. Afterwards me and my good friends celebrated my friend’s birthday that night after the dance.” Emma Griffiths

“My favorite memory is being the first special-needs girl on the Eisenhower swim team. It was a wonderful experience and I met some really great girls and my swim sister was amazing.” Olivia Harris

“Favorite high school memory, which is still going on, is water wars. I am on a team with all my closest friends and we have had so much fun driving around, doing water shoot outs, chasing the other team, and sneaking around.” Tegan Brunette

“My favorite high school memory was beating Stoney Creek in the first round of playoffs and going on to win the district title for volleyball.” Kira Buza

“One of my favorite high school memories would definitely be when I won a Silver Key from Scholastics.” Heidi Sullivan

“10th grade. First pep rally at Eisenhower because it was my first pep rally at Eisenhower and it showed the true excitement of high school. It was during homecoming so my favorite memory could be my first homecoming.” Evan Mowers

“My favorite high school memory was last year when one of my teachers brought in donuts for us near the end of the first semester and we ate them as a celebration. We essentially had a class party that day and it was super fun.” Joseph Brozowski

“Watching sports games with my friends was my favorite memory because we would be talking about the game all week sharing our thoughts on who we thought was going to win. Also, whenever a really cool moment in the game would happen it felt cool sharing that same joy with my friends.” Lucas Sinistaj

“My favorite memory from high school is the countless days spent in auto. We’re a family for each and every memory we shared seems to fade into one. The Eisenhower auto program creates amazing and courageous young adults.” Bryan Little

“My favorite memory was learning the CNC machine in woodshop and using my skills to design and create signs for the teachers and staff at the school and improving my skills on it for future jobs involving CNC machines.” Dylan Karol

“My favorite memory was being the tuba/euphonium section leader. Besides helping me grow as a person, it was really fun helping upper and lower class men alike. I think it was incredibly rewarding to watch as kids progressed and got better through each season. I was lucky enough to be in a leadership position for 3 of my 4 years as a Marching Eagle and with each season came new challenges and children so there was always something to do.” Margaret Howell