Boundless break

Alternatives to do over break to stay safe


While spending time together, sophomore Savannah Beydoun and her family wear masks this spring break to stay safe. “Once you get used to it (a mask) on your face it’s okay and worth it to be able to see each other,” cousin Ashton Clay said.

Savannah Beydoun, Staff Writer

The annual spring break reawakens the joy of decent weather, travel and the Easter holiday, but this year it looks a little bit different.

During spring break, many enjoy this time to travel with loved ones, especially during Easter. Due to rising numbers in Covid cases, canceling an Easter celebration may be the best option for the time being. 

When the opportunity is presented, many enjoy traveling during time off from school. This year, it’s not as carefree and poses as a threat. Despite urging from the Centers for Disease Control to avoid travel during the pandemic, 45 percent of people took trips since March 2020, according to a survey from credit card review site The Points Guy.

For those willing to take the risk, it’s important to take precautions to stay safe. Getting tested for Covid-19 before and after the trip ensures the safety of those on the trip; quarantining for two weeks post-travel helps to avoid the spread as well.

“I still like to travel but I always make sure to stay safe and get tested afterwards,” sophomore Paris Cameron said.

Plenty of  fun-filled activities to do while staying clear of the virus exist if wanting to social distance. Going on a road trip around town and eating snacks with a select few friends who tested negative offers a great time while remaining safe. Explore the scenery and enjoy the unpredictable spring weather; whether it decides to be Antarctica or a desert, it beats sitting in the house.

“I miss going out and doing things and seeing people, but I know I can’t do those things to protect other people,” sophomore Ashlynn Durham said.

Crafting provides gifts during Easter, while also keeping busy. Knitting a scarf for the spring winds or making jewelry from a kit kills time and brings happiness to the gift receiver. Adding some homemade food to the bunch makes a perfect combination, whether it’s cupcakes, cake, brownies, cookies or even boiled eggs. Getting a new haircut, choreographing a new dance routine to a favorite song, making slime, reading a book, giving a closet a much needed cleaning or giving a family member a make-over adds endless possibilities to cure boredom.

“When I’m at home all the time, it can get boring,” sophomore Nahvi Job said, “but me and my mom try to find things to do together to stay busy, like baking or playing with the dogs.”