Preparing for the SAT

Follow these simple tips on mentally and physically preparing for the SAT


Ava Kaspari, Staff Writer


Not only does studying prepare one for the SAT, but several other things such as sleeping, eating well, or relaxing will help with mentally and physically preparing.


Although the nerves may kick in the night before the test, it’s always important to get a good night’s rest. Even sleeping well for a few nights before helps to prevent drowsiness on test day.


Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now might be the time to start having a light breakfast in the morning before school. Starting now will get one in the habit and by test day, they’ll be able to eat a big enough breakfast to have energy for the test.


Taking practice tests and timing them is a great way to prepare for the SAT. Many find  time management a struggle, so taking practice tests will help improve one’s speed and strategy to ge the questions done on time.


Something most won’t think of is dressing as comfortably as possible. When taking a big test, the last thing one wants to be worried about is their clothes. To stay as focused as possible, wear something that will feel comfortable the whole time.


Find a friend or two to study with. Keeping each other accountable when preparing for the SAT is never a bad idea. Share strategies, resources, study tips and most importantly, talk with each other.


Always have a positive attitude going into the test. This is a big part in being prepared. If one is going into the test doubting themselves, they probably won’t do too well.


If one goes into the test knowing they’re prepared, they will do well. Being in the right mental state and having a good attitude is always a direct result of being prepared.