Macomb County volunteer opportunities

Kenna Snow, Staff Writer

There are so many ways to help out the community and give back. Be the one that changes lives everyday.

The program, Hope Clinic, offers multiple different ways of volunteer work including medical care, dental care, and food and water projects; it also provides care and prayer, which involves social work like spending time with the children and getting to know them as an individual. This program provides volunteer events every two to three months to provide those in need of extra care. Volunteering involvement can be found on

The Hope Water project is a run in downtown Detroit through Kensington church. The run takes place every September and raises money for children in Africa to have clean water to drink. There are multiple different ways to raise money, which includes: a bake sale and donating gifts for children. To get involved, go to and find more information on the location, time and involvement with the church itself.

When involved in the Macomb County Habitat for Humanity, options like working in a food pantry, meeting children individually and being a part of leadership groupslike Women United, Legacy Leaders, Alumni United and Philanthropic groupsare all great ways to volunteer. Working in these groups can give those a more stable household, a higher education and put smiles on the faces of those in need. Register at to start a volunteering journey.

As a participant of Single Family Living volunteer groups, those in need of education assistance, relationships, housing, family care, counseling, basic life skills, stress management and economic development are tremendously helped. Not only are those in need being given what is needed, but they’re also assisted in needs for the future. This organization specifically helps single families who are either low income or a single parent that struggles raising children. To sign up and get involved go to

Michigan Animal Adoption network partners with those who have an interest in taking care of a pet who may be disabled or in need of a family. This network studio is located in Troy with thousands of volunteers interested in taking in or temporarily caring for an animal. Not only do these animals get the attention needed, but also have great dog walkers and trainers who teach them new skills. This enforces learning for animals which gives them a brighter, happier life. To get involved go to

There are so many different possibilities and opportunities to help others during this crazy time. Not only can the community itself be helped, but lives are permanently changed.