Glamorizing teen pregnancy

Teens inappropriately glamorize teen pregnancy by popularizing social media accounts showcasing it

Kendall Westgate, Editor-in-Chief

Scrolling through TikTok and looking on YouTube, many view different accounts detailing the user’s life as a teen mom; while some do experience teen pregnancy, this topic shouldn’t be glamorized through social media.

About 750,000 teens become pregnant each year, with 82 percent of these pregnancies unplanned, according to Advocates for Youth. While teen pregnancies decreased since previous years, this number is too high. While some teenage pregnancy cases work out, the worst may happen to some; this could include being homeless since friends and family shut them out.

Due to a lack of sex education, hormonal teens can end up with a high risk of becoming pregnant. This pregnancy can lead to dropping out of school and in turn finding a job not able to support a child. Only about 50 percent of teen mothers earn a high school diploma, according to Teen Help.

While teens should be supported if this happens, it shouldn’t be glamorized through social media. Posting on social media about the life of a teen mom may lead others to want this lifestyle, even though they don’t realize the struggles that come along with it.

Many teen mothers don’t live the glamorous life social media teen mothers portray. Due to a lack of money, 50 percent of teen mothers end up on welfare to help support their child, according to Teen Help.

Instead of watching teen mothers on YouTube and TikTok, teens should be educated on the dangers of sex, instead of ignoring the subject. Schools need to teach more of the dangers on this topic as opposed to putting an emphasis on abstinence. Bring down the number of teen pregnancies by teaching students and avoiding the glamorization of the subject through social media.