Putting through the season

The womens Varsity golf team wrapped up their season after competing at States


As she hits the golf ball, senior golfer Alexis Sharplin competes at a golf meet. “I know that I could have done better, but the nerves make it difficult to play well every time. But for how bad I was playing, I was surprised that my score wasn’t horrible and still placed second on my team behind Ariel who placed second out of the entire State competition,” she said. Sharplin went on to place 50th at States.

Kendall Westgate, Editor-in-Chief

Finishing up the womens Varsity golf season, the team worked their way to Regionals and States to compete.

“I just really like playing the sport, and I feel really good every time I hit the ball; but of course I love seeing the rest of the team and being able to spend long car rides with all of us just screaming about something,” senior golfer Alexis Sharplin said.

At Regionals, the team competed at their home course, Cherry Creek; they placed second overall as a team. At States, the team travelled to East Lansing to golf at the Forrest Akers East course where they placed 17th overall.

“I feel like I performed okay. I could’ve done better, especially this being my senior year, I feel like I had that capability to win, but I didn’t; I got second place [at States],” senior golfer Ariel Chang said.

Throughout the season, the team struggled with filling their third, fourth and fifth player spots since those members graduated last year. After some of the girls stepped up, they filled those spots in order to compete.

“This season, Ariel and I were very worried at the beginning,” Sharplin said. “For the meets, there are six players that play that are seated in each spot. Ariel and I were seated number one and two on the team, but we had a lot of struggles to find the rest of our Varsity team.”