Friday football on Fox Sports

Friday night football reaches higher heights of excitement on Oct. 9


Unable to attend the game, sophomore Abigail French instead watches from her television screen. “I think it was awesome that Fox was able to come to Swinehart and broadcast it for people like me who couldn’t go,” French said. By the end of the night, Eisenhower lost 10-24 to Dakota.

Sophia Considine, Editor

Friday night lights shone, everyone yelled, cameras flashed and the football team and the marching band walked onto the field with confidence, finally releasing the built-up anticipation of a semi-normal game night.

“When I heard that the game would be broadcasted, I was a little nervous because I wanted to make sure everything went correctly and that we put on the best performance we possibly could,” senior clarinet player and squad leader Aishani Moradia said.

On Friday, Oct. 9, 2020, Eisenhower rivaled Dakota in a football game that Fox Sports Detroit broadcasted live, with kickoff at 7:30 p.m. Eisenhower lost 10-24.

“Performing [for the first time this season] was really exciting for me because I thought I wasn’t going to have the opportunity to march at a football game this year,” senior clarinet player and squad leader Grace Walters said.

Football games previously played out with only the cheerleaders and football players who could bring 2 spectators, but this game additionally brought in the dance team’s and the marching band’s performances for the first time this season, along with their two spectators per person.

“I think [having more spectators] helped a little bit,” senior football player Joseph Azzopardi said. “I think they should let more students or at least seniors come to the game; the student section makes the biggest difference.”